Initiatives to improve the wellbeing of the Araxá community have always been an integral part of CBMM's strategic planning. Located in the Alto Paranaiba Highlands in the western region of the state of Minas Gerais, Araxá has a population of just over 101,000 (July 2014 estimate) and covers an area of 1,165 square kilometers. As one of the municipality's biggest employers, CBMM accounts for over 70% of local tax revenue and also sponsors diverse public works projects in the region.

Since its founding, CBMM has actively participated in urbanization, cultural, educational, health and environmental initiatives. The Company's investments in the health and education of its employees, as well as investments in these sectors of the municipality, have contributed significantly to improvements in Araxá's quality of life over the last three decades.

Commitment to Araxá

Local Suppliers

CBMM relies on over 600 local suppliers who sell goods and provide services to the Company. More

Infrastructure Projects

The Municipal Theater is one example of the numerous projects CBMM has sponsored in Araxá. More

Workforce Development

A qualified workforce is an integral part of manufacturing quality products. More


CBMM positively impacts the health and wellbeing of the Araxá community largely through substantial material and financial donations. More

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CBMM Mathematics Prize

Talented young mathematicians and their teachers are recognized by CBMM. More

Young Persons World Lecture Competition

CBMM is the primary sponsor of the contest that fosters the communication skills of young scientists. More



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