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CBMM strives to exceed the expectations of our customers around the world. With headquarters in Brazil, commercial subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and North America, and an extensive global network of supply warehouses, CBMM is the premier supplier of niobium products and technology.

CBMM - A company built on sustainable technology

CBMM's production capacity is scaled to guarantee a consistent supply of niobium products to markets around the globe. 
In December 2017, CBMM earned Nadcap accreditation for chemical and metallographic analyses in nickel alloys (Inconel), material developed at the company's Metallurgical Materials and Processes Research Center, becoming the first company in South and Central America to achieve recognition by global authority Nadcap.
CBMM maintains two months of inventory at key distribution centers to ensure delivery to most customer locations within 48 hours of the time CBMM accepts an order, even when there is an unplanned surge in demand.
CBMM earned ISO 14000 (environmental certification) in 1997, just six months after the standard's debut. CBMM was able to achieve this because of the robust environmental management system in place for decades.

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