What is REACH?
REACH (Regulation (EC) 1907/2006) is European Union legislation that deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into force on 1 June 2007. The aim of REACH is to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the properties of chemical substances.
REACH gives greater responsibility to the industry to manage the risks from products and to provide safety information on substances. Manufacturers and importers are required to submit information on the properties of their chemical substances to a central database run by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki.
As an importer, CBMM Europe BV registered all its imported substances covering all their potential uses in Europe with ECHA, allowing the Company to continue supplying its customers.
CBMM Europe BV is the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) Formation Facilitator (SFF) and Lead Registrant (LR) for niobium metal,  niobium pentoxide and ANO. More information about these substances and SIEF decisions can be found at the REACH-IT webpage.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) updated according to REACH and CLP (Classification, Labeling and Packaging) regulations are offered by CBMM for its products. This information is provided to ensure the safe handling and use of the Company's products.
Helpful Links
Additional information on REACH can be found at the following institutional websites: 
Meanwhile, if you have questions regarding the registration of CBMM products and REACH, please contact CBMM Europe BV via email or at +31 (0) 20-881-3140.

Test Reports* 

Dinobium Pentaoxide
Acute Dermal Irritation_Corrosion
Acute Inhalation Toxicity in Rats
Assessment of Acute Toxic Effects on Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Teleostei Salmonidae Amendmen
Assessment of Toxic Effects on Daphnia magna Using the 48 h Acute Immobilisation Test
Bioconcentration study of ANO in common carp
Bioconcentration study of ANO in common carp amendment
Biodegradation test
In vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Assay in Mouse Lymphoma L5178Y Cells
Metal corrosivity A1400621_0
Reverse Mutation Assay using Bacteria Salmonella typhimurium
Screening for the Eye Irritancy Potential using the Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability Assay
Test for Sensitisation Local Lymph Node Assay  LLNA
Testing of Effects to the Single Cell Green Alga Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata
Aberration Test in vitro_Nb2O5
Acute Dermal Toxicity_Nb2O5
Acute Oral ToxicityNb2O5 092576A
AnalyticsNb2O5 2009007405
Diniobium pentaoxide 1313-96-8 AcuteInhalation
Diniobium pentaoxide 1313-96-8 AmesTest
Diniobium pentaoxide 1313-96-8 EyeIrritation
Diniobium pentaoxide 1313-96-8 SkinIrritation
Eye Irritancy Potential HETNb2O5 B
FlamabilityNb2O5 S0902888
GranulometryNb2O5 2009007404
In vitro Skin CorrosionNb2O5 2568B
Literature Survey Report - Diniobium pentaoxide
Mutation Assay in vitroNb2O5 092575B
Nb2O5_IUCLID file for coregistrants_20180307
Oxidizing PropertiesNb2O5 S0902889
Sensitization LLNANb2O5 092572B
Sludge RespirationNb2O5 S0902690
Statement AdsordesorNb2O5 S0902686
Water Solubility OECD29Nb2O5 S1002669
Water SolubilityNb2O5 2009007401
Reverse Mutation AssayNb 092573A
Oral Dose Range Finding 14day_Nb2O5 (092768)
Repeated dose toxicity and reproduction_Nb2O5 (092790)
Self Ignition_Nb2O5 (200901118)_A
Aberration Test in vitroNb 092574A
Acute Dermal IrritationNb 092569A
Acute Dermal ToxicityNb 092577A
Acute Eye IrritationNb 092571A
Combined dose study
Eye Irritancy Potential HETNb A
Final_Study Report_Nb bioaccessibility
In vitro Skin CorrosionNb 2568A
Inhalation Study
Literature Survey Report - Niobium
Mutation Assay in vitroNb 092575A
Reverse Mutation AssayNb 092573A
Self ignition
Particle size                     
Self Ignition_Nb (200901121)
Sensitization LLNA_Nb (092572A)
Sieve analysis
Water Solubility OECD29_Nb (S10-02668)
Water Solubility OECD29_Nb (S10-02668)
Water solubility
Water Solubility_Nb (2009_0073_01)
Water solubility2         


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